We are now a family of 3 !

Y’all let me introduce to you,
our newest addition to the family, our baby girl BELLA!!

She is so sweet and she loves to cuddle:)

She is 4 years old now and will be 5 in August. She’s a mix breed and we don’t know exactly but I think she’s a poodle and Spanish wine dog mix.

Before we gave her a hair cut:) She grows curly white hair only around her body and she looks like she is wearing a white sweater!:)

When we adopted her from a lady who had been fostering her for the past 3 months, the lady told us she was with a family before she took her in and that was all we knew about her. Although when J and I went to the vet to update her chip and passport, we found out that she’s been tossed around between at least 3 different families in the past 4 years.

I am so so glad and thank god that we found her and she is now part of our family and forever will be.

Our first walk down to the beach as a family of 3 πŸ‘«πŸΆβ€

One thing I noticed even before we got here is that in southern Spain, animal population control for dogs and cats are very serious and a huge issue. We constantly see people posting about abandoned fur babies and trying to find their forever homes or even just foster homes, which completely breaks my heart to see how many of them are out there and in need.

If I was allowed to bring them all home with me I would and it would be a dream come true. One day when we retire, we are going to be living on a farm ( I’m still trying to convince J for this) surrounded by animals πŸ™‚ 

But for now I am super exited to have her, to be her momma and to see our family grow. And also to be able to share this news with you all.

Her new friend πŸ’œ




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