For those who know me this probably won’t be a surprise,
I am going to talk about food here in Spain. ha!

As I mentioned in the previous post, my husband J and I have been here in Southern Spain for about 2 weeks now. Meanwhile we have been staying at a hotel which comes with the tiniest kitchen I’ve ever seen and because of that, the ability to cook meals in our hotel room is very limited. So when we don’t feel like eating the same ol’ salad and frozen meals that we eat everyday, thanks to sweet friends of ours, we go out in town to eat.
So far we’ve been to 7 different places and today I’d like to talk about one of our favorite places and also about the customs here.

First place I’m going to talk about on this blog is this restaurant we found by a port Called El Garape.

In spain,
when you go to a restaurant they give you a small plate of complementary appetizer.
Usually some olives and if you get lucky you also get some cheese. 🙂
I’ve never been a huge fan of olives but ever since we’ve been here I cannot start a meal without them! They are so fresh, delicious and nothing like the olives I’ve had before!


Calamari is one of my favorite things to eat here in southern spain! SO GOOD!!

Obviously because this place is right on the port, they have a variety of FRESH seafood that they cook as you order.
Funny story from here is, on the menu they have what they call “Seafood for Two”.
J and I being huge lovers of seafood, of course we had to order that.
In our minds we’re thinking “We’ll probably get couple prawns, a decent size fish and maybe some small side dishes”
…NO! 10 minutes later, we get this.


And this..img_9284And this too!..Insane right!!?img_9285

It was more like Seafood for FOUR!!
It was delicious, that’s for sure!
The portions of food at restaurants here are very good. You definitely get enough for what you pay for if not more that you expect. And the pricing is also very good. You would not be dissapointed.

Another thing I was surprised about the customs here is you get a free shot after your meal.
Of course if you’re driving or don’t want one, you can tell them no or they can give you a nonalcoholic shot. But I was just blown away!
“Do I want a shot for free? SURE WHY NOT!!”

This one tasted almost like Fireball but without the cinnamon and A LOT stronger!
It definitely got me out of the food coma I was in after eating all the food!

Another thing to know ,which I didn’t know until I got here, is you do not tip here.
I come from a culture that does not either so this isn’t a hard custom for me to get used to and am actually happy about. J and I were in the states for about 2 weeks for vacation before we came to Spain and I did not like tipping and how expensive eating out can be. So those like us who like to try new places and eat out every once in awhile, this is a great news!

I am going to end this post here before it gets too long but will for sure be coming back with a bunch more of food posts! 🙂



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